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The candid concept

We analyze and rank supplements, so you can avoid bad products that don’t work, and instead find the best on the market for the price.

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The candid concept

Our secret is scientific reviews

  • Scientific algorithms

    The content of the product is analysed scientifically and scored by our evidence-based algorithms

  • Blinded taste reviews

    The supplements go through several blinded taste reviews by our review panelists

  • Market price analysis

    Each product’s price is compared and accessed through market price comparisons

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Casper Kold, Consultant in the Fitness Industry

The reviews and rankings on Candidlab is an extraordinary way for the average consumer to avoid wasting their money on bad products. The validity of their analysis’ are top of the line and it is obvious that they really thought the review process all the way through. To conclude, there are several good reasons that I recommend using Candidlab.

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