Anders Nedergaard

PhD & MSc in human biology

Anders is trained as a biochemist and human biologist from University of Copenhagen and did his doctorate work at the Institute of Sports Medicine Copenhagen at Bispebjerg Hospital. After his PhD he worked as an industrial PostDoc at Nordic Bioscience.

Besides his work in academia, Anders has consulted for Antidoping Danmark and Team Danmark (the national agencies governing elite sports and antidoping work). He has also been editor at the journal Dansk Sportsmedicin and worked as a strength and conditioning coach and sports nutritionist for a range of elite athletes.

Anders is a co-founder of Candidlab and responsible for the evidence based approach. He ensures the scientific quality of the content published on the platform.

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Protein Powder Report 2018: Our unsettling findings from 20 laboratory tests

A scientific analysis of protein powders reveals that 15 out of the 20 tested top protein powder products contain less protein than claimed. A surprising number of protein supplements doesn’t contain as much protein as we are lead to believe. The scientific analysis, that you find below, concluded that 20 of Europe’s and the world’s […] - read more...

Last modified: 17. August 2018

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