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Candidlab creates evidence-based algorithms to rank supplements. The goal is to help consumers determine which products are good and which products are bad based on the latest scientific knowledge. Candidlab has been active in the food supplement industry since 2012 and has been actively involved in the debate ever since. This is mainly because of their laboratory analysis of dietary supplements.

Candidlab’s vision is simply to facilitate consumer orientation in the dietary supplement market and help them find and choose the best products at the best price.

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The Candidlab team

Candidlab is becoming more and more an authority in the health and nutrition industry. More and more people are actively looking for Candidlab’s analysis, reports and recommendations to help them with their purchase decision, brand, diet or training program. Candidlab has a strong team consisting of a doctoral degree, a biologist, a medical doctor, an assistant professor, an economist, a gut microbiota specialist, sociologists and some health students and nutrition. Learn more about the Candidlab team below.

Anders Nedergaard

Kaj Winther

Stig Günther

CSO, BSc Biochemistry, Master in Biology, PhD in Muscular Biology, NSCA-CPT, CSCS MD, Dr. Med, Assistant Professor Specialist of the intestinal microbiota
Anders Nedergaard Kaj Winther Stig Günther

Anders trained as a biochemist and biologist and completed his doctorate at Copenhagen’s Institute of Sports Medicine at Bispebjerg Hospital. After his Ph.D., he worked as Industrial PostDoc at Nordic Bioscience.
In addition to his work in academia, Anders has been a consultant to Antidoping Danmark and Team Danmark (the national agencies governing elite sports and anti-doping work). He has also been editor-in-chief of Dansk Sportsmedicin and has worked as a fitness trainer and sports nutritionist for a variety of elite athletes.
Anders is co-founder of Candidlab and responsible for the evidence-based approach. It ensures the scientific quality of the content published on the platform.

Mail: afn (at) candidlab.com

Kaj is a doctor by profession, specializing in clinical biochemistry. He is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport at the University of Copenhagen.
Kaj is a former Chief Medical Officer and Center for Thrombosis and Hemostasis, then a physician in the Department of Clinical Biochemistry at Frederiksberg Hospital. He has worked on clinical trials of dietary supplements and herbal remedies for the last 20 years of his career.
Kaj is a member of the Candidlab Advisory Committee, where he provides advice on the evaluation and rating of supplements.

Stig is a stuntman by profession, but was almost handicapped by severe irritable bowel syndrome. This is what led him on the path of scientific discovery and healing through fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) and becoming one of the leading Danish experts in the manipulation of gut microbiota.
Stig consults on issues related to FMT and gut microbiota and is the laboratory head of Aleris-Hamlet Hospital. Stig is also a partner of the research team in charge of several ongoing clinical trials with FMT in collaboration with Danish universities.
Stig is on the advisory board of Candidlab, where he provides advice on issues related to gut microbiota and probiotic dietary supplements.


Mathias Hansen

Frederik Segato

Nikolaj Bach Nielsen

Research Assistant, Student in Health and Nutrition Research Assistant, Student in Health and Nutrition BSc. Scient. Med, personal trainer
Mathias Hansen Frederik Segato Nicolaj Bach Nielsen

Mathias is a student in health and nutrition at Metropol in Copenhagen. He will complete his first cycle in 2018, after which he will complete his graduate studies in human nutrition at the University of Copenhagen.
Mathias joined Candidlab in early 2018 as a trainee and is now employed as a research assistant. He helped collect the additional product data for the Candidlab database for use in our reports and on the webpage. He is the head of the taste assessment panel.

Mail: mh (at) candidlab.com

Frederik is a student in health and nutrition at Metropol in Copenhagen. Once he completes his first cycle in the summer of 2019, he will have to decide whether to work full-time at Candidlab or to pursue graduate studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Frederik joined Candidlab in early 2018 as an intern and has since been a research assistant responsible for our social media accounts. He attends research tasks and is also responsible for Candidlab’s Instagram and Facebook activity.

Mail: fs (at) candidlab.com

Nikolaj is studying medicine with industrial specialization at Aalborg University.
He is knowledgeable in sports science and nutrition and has written a number of articles on sports nutrition, fitness and bodybuilding for the largest fitness site in Denmark, bodybuilding.dk. He is now working full-time as a personal trainer and fitness expert.
Nikolaj joined Candidlab in 2018 as an author, writing on the basis of evidence. In addition, he will help as a supplement counselor, especially for specific sports.


HP Sandbech

Klaus Valbro

Jan Duckert

Master in Sociology and Communication, Project Manager President of the council Partner
hans peter sandbech Klaus Valbro Jan Duckert

Hans Peter holds a Master’s degree in Communication and Sociology from the University of Roskilde. He worked at GroupM as a digital specialist, but joined Candidlab in 2018 to help produce high quality content.
HP is Content Manager at Candidlab. He is partly responsible for the content strategy as well as the coordination of blog posts, content production, digital optimization, etc.

Mail: hp (at) candidlab.com

Klaus has already successfully run a golf portal and promoted elite players. He is currently working with clients on online marketing, mainly via social media such as Facebook.
Klaus is the chairman of the board of directors of Candidlab and thus contributes his experience in strategic planning, marketing and management.

Jan ist ein erfahrener Geschäftsmann und Unternehmer. Er war CEO der Werbeagentur Wibroe, Duckert & Partners und ist heute der CEO der People Group.

Jan is a businessman and an experienced entrepreneur. He has been CEO of the advertising agency Wibroe, Duckert & Partners and is now the CEO of People Group.
Jan became a partner of Candidlab in 2018. His extensive experience allows him to provide invaluable advice on activities and brand.


Christian Højbo Møller

CEO and HA student
Christian Højbo Møller

Christian is a founder and CEO of Candidlab. He also studies economics and business administration at Copenhagen Business School. He is a passionate entrepreneur and a very talented digital marketing specialist. He launched Candidlab (formerly Fitnessbuddy) in 2012 due to lack of real and appropriate criticism of supplements.
This earned him a job at GroupM, where he was promoted to the youngest senior consultant at the age of 21. He then left this position to help spread and magnify the candidlab vision on a full-time basis.

Mail: chm (at) candidlab.com


Les informations fournies sur le site se veulent complémentaires. Il n’est pas destiné à remplacer les conseils de votre médecin ou d’un autre professionnel de la santé.

Candidlab reçoit parfois une commande si vous décidez d’en acheter un que nous avons examiné. Cela n’a bien sûr pas d’impact sur les classements. Vous pouvez vérifier chacun de nos scores en calculant le score vous-même.

Contact us

If you want to contact us, you have several options. You can either 1) send us a message on Facebook or Instagram 2) send an email to the person of your choice via the emails indicated above 3) send us an email to the email address (at) candidlab.com 4) call us at 45 25 56 55 94 (our Danish number) or finally 5) visit us in our offices at the address indicated below.

The head office

Candidlab IVS
VAT: DK-37224340
Store Kongensgade 21E
1264, København K

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The examination panel

Our panel is made up of competent people contributing to excellent notifications. The review panel has diverse views and gives nuanced insights on products. This panel includes both men and women in different age groups ranging from professional athletes, personal trainers and fitness enthusiasts.

Le panel d'examen

Louise Sand Thomsen

Professor Bach trained in nutrition and health. In addition, Louise, personal trainer and dietician for the team of the Major league FC Midtjylland.

You can read more about Louise Sand here .

Stephen Bülow

Communication studies at the University. When he does not read, he is a big advocate of strength training, heavy lifting and healthy eating.

Nanna Steentofte

s’entrainent tout au long de leurs études pour maintenir un physique impressionnant. Ces dernières années ont été plus une structure de formation centrée sur la musculation et le soulèvement de charges lourdes.

Vous pouvez en savoir plus sur Nanna ici.

Kristian Bradsted

33 ans et a une maîtrise en éducation physique et santé et travaille comme entraîneur personnalisé.

Vous pouvez en savoir plus sur Kristian ici.

Marianne Baunsgaard

est une vraie dame de fer, impitoyable en matière d’entrainement. Elle s’est entrainé pendant de nombreuses années, a participé à des compétitions de sport en force et connaît son corps et ce qu’il devrait avoir.

Marcus Moberg Havmøller

is not only a young enthusiast of Herculean training. He is also the owner and founder of Power Addict, which produces clothing and equipment for people who train in strength.

Nicklas Jørgensen

In 2014, the Danish champion in weightlifting in the -69 kg category. On a daily basis, he runs an online platform for personal trainers. You can find out more about the concept.

Abdel Hikmat

is the owner of Anytime Gym in Roskilde. Abdel stands for bodybuilding competitions and was the 2014 champion in his category. In addition, he coaches other athletes.

Ib Beier

is a man with a lot of experience in the industry. For example, he is a bodybuilder and recently returned to the fitness world with huge profits.

Last modified: 17. septembre 2018