How we review

How we review

We aspire to review supplement as objectively as possible. That applies to both quality, taste and price. Some of the product categories, like multivitamins, do not include taste reviews. Instead our multivitamin reviews contain both a score for vitamin- and mineral content. The total score is a weighted average across the relevant factors for each supplement category. You can sort the ranking by each individual factor on the ranking pages.

Score for price

Prices score calculations are done based on the available products on the specific market. Therefore, the same product can have a different price score depending on the specific market/country. The price score is sougt normalised by serving size or by a defined dosage size that we set for each individual product category.

Score for taste

We review the taste for all the types of supplements where taste is relevant. The products are purchased, repackage in blinded containers and shipped to our review panel. Every product that the panelists receive are labeled with a unique randomised product ID in order for them to know which type of supplement they are tasting (for example protein powder). This is done to keep the product name, brand and manufacturer a secret to the panelists. Finally, we have given them specific instructions in how and under which circumstances they should review the taste – in order to make the score as valid, reproducably and systematic as possible.

Score for quality

The score for quality is calculated by our custom algorithms based on the declared content of the product. The algortihms are built to be scientific and evidence based – simply put, as good as possible at evaluating expected efficacy.

There are establised gold standard methods of testing quality for supplement categories like protein powder and amino acids. We have built custom algorithms, for evaluating expected efficacy and quality, for the categories that currently have no standardised way for quality assurance. Building algorithms for this specific purpose includes arbitrary decisions, which is why we have clearly outlined how they function on every single category page.

Last modified: 4. April 2018

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