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Analaysis overview

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Quality of content

Mutant Whey contains a type of protein called whey protein concentrate. Whey protein concentrate is probably the best source of protein you can find. It has a great amino acid distribution, has a great taste, and is usually fairly affordable.

Mutant Whey scored 90 in our DIAAS analysis. The DIAAS score is a little below the best protein powders on the market. Although, it is not a poor score, it is still below the best products on the market. So, keep that in mind if protein quality is crucial to you. The analysis we did on the contents of this product, showed that it is Histidine, which limits the DIAAS score. Mutant Whey by Mutant has declared that it contains 60.0% protein, 20% carbohydrate and 6.7% fat.

In this case the labelled protein concentration is below 70%, which indicates that sugar or fat has been added. This isn’t necessarily bad, compared to most other products, you will get a higher amount of fat and sugar with less protein. Furthermore, Mutant Whey contains a high relative amount of carbohydrates, which means that compared to other products currently available on the market, you get less protein and more sugar. This is often done as a way of optimising the taste of a product, but if you are trying to minimise your daily intake of carbohydrates a bit, then there are more suitable options available for you.

Should you choose Mutant Whey? So, if you are concerned with the quality of the protein that you purchase, then you will be able to find a bunch of other products offering protein of a higher quality.

Taste and mixability

Our panel received the products in blinded containers for them to taste review. Mutant Whey got an average score of 8.0 out of 10.

A score above 8 is a great score, when it comes to taste. We have a diverse panel, which can make it difficult for any one product to be appealing for all the panelists. Therefore, a score this high indicates that the product has an overall execellent taste. Mutant has definetely created a ‘hit’ in terms of the taste of this product.

The standard deviation was 1.2 across the review panelists, who rated this product. When the standard deviation of the review is that small, it means that most of review panelists agreed on the score of this product. Only a few thought it deserved a higher or lower score, than it recieved. This means that there is a solid consensus concerning the taste.

Product price

The price score acounts for a third of the total score, making it an important review parameter. A product with excellent taste and quality can still have a mediocre total score if the price is excessive. The price of a kilo of Mutant Whey in the UK is approximately 15 pounds. That means that you will pay 0.44 pounds for a 30 gram shake and 0.01 for each gram of protein.

This means that the price is about average. It is not the most expensive, but not the cheapest option available either. You should probably look elsewhere, if you are conscious of prices as a consumer. If you are not, then this could potentially still be a valid option.

Last modified: 4. September 2018

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