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Analaysis overview

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Quality of content

Nutramino Protein contains a type of protein called whey protein concentrate. Whey protein concentrate is probably the best source of protein you can find. It has a great amino acid distribution, has a great taste, and is usually fairly affordable.

Nutramino Protein scored 0 in our DIAAS analysis. The DIAAS score is a little below the best protein powders on the market. Although, it is not a poor score, it is still below the best products on the market. So, keep that in mind if protein quality is crucial to you. The analysis we did on the contents of this product, showed that it is , which limits the DIAAS score. Nutramino Protein by Nutramino has declared that it contains 71.4% protein, 12.5% carbohydrate and 7.9% fat.

This protein powder has a reasonably high protein concentration. This means that little or no fat or carbohydrate has been added. This is relevant to consumers interested in protein supplementation, but not in excess calories from other macronutrients. Nutramino Protein contains, what we consider, a normal amount of carbohydrates.

Should you choose Nutramino Protein? So, if you are concerned with the quality of the protein that you purchase, then you will be able to find a bunch of other products offering protein of a higher quality.

Taste and mixability

The products were anonymised and sent to our review panel, so they were able to review the taste and mixability in a blinded manner, thereby reducing the risk of introducing personal bias into the review. Nutramino Protein got an average score of 4.3 out of 10.

A score this low means that the taste was unappealing to most of our review panel. This protein powder obviously does not suit most people’s taste buds and, therefore, will probably not suit yours either. There are plenty of better tasting protein powders available on the market, so if you care about taste, then consider opting for a different product.

The standard deviation was 2.0 across the review panelists, who rated this product. We do not consider this to be a high standard deviation. It does, however, tell us that there were people, within the panel, who had quite different opinions regarding the taste of Nutramino’s protein powder.

Product price

The price score acounts for a third of the total score, making it an important review parameter. A product with excellent taste and quality can still have a mediocre total score if the price is excessive. The price of a kilo of Nutramino Protein in the UK is approximately 22 pounds. That means that you will pay 0.67 pounds for a 30 gram shake and 0.02 for each gram of protein.

The price of Nutramino Protein making it a somewhat expensive protein powder. The price is not very high, but there are several cheaper products available on the market that you should probably consider instead.

Last modified: 4. September 2018

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